Katowice feedback

Project Outcome

The opportunity to work collaboratively was so invaluable for our development and the project's progression.  It forced a new level of risk in our  practice by working alongside the other who often thought very differently. 

I came away with a sense of the importance of knowing your values, and focus on the things we agreed with. The temptation to compromise and make something crowd-pleasing. I need to take this forward in my practice. Its also being open to the possibilities, it doesn't have to look as hoped but needs to be true to the idea. The discourse and process was broad, and we each pushed the boundaries of our practice, and gave new stimuli to our individual work.






"The Border Fox" - the knik name of an IRA terrorist, Dessie Ray, who escaped a number of shootouts with the Garda Síochána and the RUC.

Killed women and children.  attempted murder of politician

Nov 2016

He is also banned from leaving Northern Ireland and must report to police daily.