Happiness / by sarah faulkner

Happiness has such a grip on popular imagination. We all want it.

Happiness can be defined as a positive emotional state of mind; hedonism; life satisfaction - a life that goes well

It can be measured by a short and long term view. I wish to consider:  the ways we seek fulfilment - material and cultural abundance; emotional states of mind,  - hopes dreams, ambition, focus; the things that matter to us and present – within my forthcoming work - a series of ‘fragments’ that define this highly sought-after state of being.


A response to conflict and migratory flux. Feelings of powerlessness - but not indifference - to an ongoing, overfamiliar narrative of news headlines that is more complex than we see or understand.

Human movement is presented through borders, barriers, edges, and the daily influx of headlines. Whether the information be personal or public, we each choose what we absorb and what we let slip away.